Monday, March 14, 2011

WPT's Documentary: "Our Birds" (updated)

This morning on my way in to WRC, I was listening to WPR (I lose it near the 3M building) and they were talking about a fascinating new documentary on WPT called "Our Birds."

It's a look at birds found in Wisconsin (like the Palm Warbler shown here) and where they spend the majority of the year: Central and South America.  It examines the challenges they face not only here in the Midwest, but also the tolls of migration and the disappearing home territories of these birds. Since many "Wisconsin" birds are also "Minnesota" birds, I thought this might be of interest to people.

More than 200 of our birds spend the majority of their life south of the border. As one of the guests said, if they spoke a language, it'd be Spanish, not English.

The program debuts this Thursday at 7pm.  A sneak peek and more info is available at WPT and I'll link WPR's archives of today's show when it's posted tomorrow morning.

Watch the full episode. See more In Wisconsin.

Update: here's WPR's archived stream, 2nd one down on the page (11am). 

A Costa-Rican paper picked up Warren Gerds' column on the documentary this morning.

And, I should've mentioned that yes, WPT will stream the program at 7pm (and it'll be archived) so we can all enjoy. Here's the program's site where they'll be streaming it.


  1. Your blog is awesome! This doc looks Awesome also. We had a pair of Hooded Warblers nest in our ravine three years ago and they winter in Cozumel. My parents honeymooned in Cozumel in 1965 and returned there maybe ten times.

    Definitely a strange coincidence.

  2. Thanks so much for your kind words, Spiraldance. WPR and WPT have phenomenal coverage of the natural world - much more so than MPR. I've never seen a Hooded Warbler - you're very fortunate to have them nesting on your property!