Thursday, March 24, 2011

Peppers to Warm a Cold Winter's Night

Oh, the lovely taste of freshly picked spicy peppers! Is there anything better than fresh vegetables? Especially in the winter.

Last night we stuffed and enjoyed 5 of our famous non-Gypsy peppers. They're smaller than usual, but their flavor was incredible!

We refer to them as non-Gypsies because the tiny plant was labeled a Gypsy pepper plant when we bought it two summers ago. After it bore fruit we realized it was in fact, NOT a Gypsy but our local greenhouse is seasonal and was already closed by then. They taste like a cross between a Serrano and a bell, but they're not Hungarian peppers. (we have those overwintering downstairs) So far, we've had no luck identifying them.

All in all, we've harvested peppers from all four plants this winter: Serrano, Hungarian Hot, tiny little Asian chilis and the non-Gypsy.

And, awhile back (on the solstice to be precise), I mentioned that we had started a few Roma tomatoes from seed and that they'd sprouted. I really wasn't sure what to expect, we're growing them without grow lights, but I'm happy to say that they've developed the first tiny little tomatoes!

The plants themselves aren't very strong. I discovered that people recommend directing a fan to blow on larger stemmed plants a few times a day as they're growing to help them develop a strong base. Note for next year!

Even if we don't pick tomatoes until May, it'll still be months ahead of our usual garden schedule. I can't wait for fresh tomatoes. Not only that, but psychologically it's great to have fresh green vegetable plants around while we're chomping at the bit for true spring to arrive.

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