Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Black and White with a Splash

This morning, as I glanced out at the gorgeous spring snowscape, it dawned on me that although the yard is filled with shades of black and white, the various shades and tones are quite striking.

Just consider the winter birds: chickadees, juncos, all the woodpeckers, shrikes and yes, the ever-present starlings: they're all black and white combinations. Even the finches are typically in their drab winter colors, now with just a touch of bright yellow flashing every now and then.

The red splashes of color found on woodpeckers and house finches seem to stand out all the more for the otherwise duotone landscape. The brilliant splash of a blue jay or cardinal, and the red breast of a robin, really adds an exclamation mark.

The flock of house finches that arrived last week looks like Christmas ornaments hung in the snowy trees today. Just bits of bright red scattered throughout:

And, below the feeders this morning, mixed in with the "usual suspects" was our first song sparrow of the year (far left):

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