Thursday, March 24, 2011

Is it Christmas?

Some things just have to be shared immediately.

After a long day I arrived home to Mtn. Man excitedly pointing to our Red Pine. A casual look for birds presented nothing super interesting, which probably revealed how frazzled I was from work.

Because a second glance showed what he was all giddy about:

The tree is decorated like a Christmas tree with hundreds of glittering icicles hanging off it.  Some are more than 8" long, it's breathtaking. What a simple but awe-inspiring sight. If you could see it in person you'd be amazed, it just glimmers. (Unfortunately my photography skills don't capture the beauty - how do you capture those sparkly glints? They just appear white in the photos... Sigh. You'll have to imagine thousands of glittery sparkles hanging off the tree.)

So I step outside, smell the spring air and absorb nature. Internal balance is restored.

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