Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snowy Cardinal

I was amazed at the colors in this when I saw it onscreen. You know how you snap a photo, think "oh, this might be good" but really don't know until you open it up? I had no idea it captured the "glowing" aspect of the cardinal - was so excited when I saw this. No filters, no nothing, just sheer luck.

I took this in the evening during a heavy snow a couple weeks ago. The cardinals were sheltering in our large white pine that's just yards from a feeding station. The branch this one is sitting on sticks out farther than the rest, so it gave a nice brightness in the forefront with the background being in shadow. You can almost feel the silent denseness of the fresh snow in it.

Hope all of you have at least one "wow" moment this snowy winter (even those of you battling the snow down south!).

Thursday, February 6, 2014

White-tailed Deer

Bird feeders attract more than birds! One of my favorite visitors are the White-tailed Deer that frequent our yard.

These images were taken up at the family cabin in Lakeshore, Minn. I love how the setting sun creates a nice soft glow in the background with the birch trees. It's even coloring the deer's fur on her neck.

I found the shot below pretty interesting. It was taken five minutes after the first shot, from a different angle. The setting sun actually has created a bit of an orange halo along the top and right side of her head. The funny thing? The sun is setting to her left, not her right as it appears, and there's nothing really for it to reflect from on the right side - other than the snow. Pretty neat!