Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An Evening Surprise: Waxwings!

Just 20 minutes ago I looked out our east window to see a bird high up in the trees with a yellow bar across its tail. It flew west, with us running through the house to follow it, where it quickly disappeared into our White Oak.

Assuming it was a waxwing, and knowing they move in flocks, we started looking for the birds. Apparently oak leaves are the perfect camouflage for Cedar Waxwings. Just look:

In this photo there are seven birds (the 7th is tucked behind the other birds, you can just see its brown feathers). I snapped this photo to show how they blend in with the leaves, it seems they even mirror the shape. All in all, we counted a flock of at least 20, but there are probably more birds tucked away in the leaves. We learned quickly to look either for the bright red dots or the straight yellow tail bar. 

Here's a shot showing the red wing spots:

Wondering if they'll roost there over night or if they're just using it as a resting spot...  What a nice spring surprise!

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