Friday, March 18, 2011

Springs Signs and Spiders

Yesterday I was greeted with exploding buds on our popular trees at WRC.

Today, I checked our front garden bed, and sure enough: tulips! Looks like they must have poked up last weekend, they're already a couple inches tall.

The front bed faces south and the heat reflects off the white house, creating an especially warm bed. We've found it's almost a zone warmer and have been able to grow lavender and other perennials that aren't traditionally hardy in Minnesota winters.

And, last week in the Florida recap I mentioned to check back for news on the starfish ID and a funny look at spider phobia. Being a newbie blogger I was lax in following through on my promise. Thanks for the emails reminding me!

So, to answer the starfish question - no I've not been able to ID it, very frustrating, it should be easy (or so it seems to my mind). It'll remain on my to-do list.

For a hilarious story about spiders (topic came up while attempting research on crab IDs), turn to Hyperbole and a Half: a very amusing blog with incredibly simple but effective sketches. The"Spiders Are Scary" post captures the hysteria (and hysterical) aspects of hunting a spider in your house. And, for dog lovers, her "Dog" post, followed by "Dogs Don't Understand..." will have you rolling. Sadly, our 1.5 year-old "puppy" now responds to his new name: "Simple Dog."

So there you are. Signs of Springs and Fun Friday posts on spiders and dogs!

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