Thursday, May 3, 2012


Wow. What timing. I've been incredibly busy and have neglected spring preparations. Saw posts today on MNBird Listserve and on Twitter about hummingbirds moving and thought to myself "oh oh. Better do it while I have the time."

So glad I made nectar and hung a couple of our favorite feeders this morning before heading out to meetings: We just had a couple male Ruby-throateds at our favorite window feeders (these photos are of the same bird).

Thank you network, for keeping me on my toes! (and keeping our hummingbirds happy and fed)


  1. I love the bottom picture! You can see each tiny feather on that hummer's ruby throat! Beautiful.
    I'd Rather Be Birding

  2. This feeder is perfect for up close viewing. I love it :-) Thanks for the nice note, Jenny.

  3. Good timing indeed. And practically instant gratification! I like that bottom photo too.

    1. Thank heavens for a network of people keeping me on my toes! :-) I swear in that last photo he looks like he's doing a happy dance...