Monday, April 30, 2012

Raindrops on...Everything

After working this weekend, I had this morning off and took advantage of it by bundling up and having coffee on the stoop. It had rained overnight and the air was soft, moist and filled with a pine scent. If I closed my eyes I swear I was sitting lakeside (alas, no such luck).

Once the morning coffee woke me up, I started poking around in the garden only to discover everything was covered in water droplets. That, of course, prompted more action on my part and I dug out the camera.

These small irises (only about 5" tall) are gorgeous.

Water droplets perched on the top of a tiny grape hyacinth plant:


The tiny baby sedum and moss growing on one of our garden rocks reminds me of a small succulent garden. Even the little moss tendrils were covered in tiny drops:

But I think my favorite is the perfectly aligned droplets on a blade of grass:


  1. Gorgeous pictures!

    It's still just a tad chilly here in the mornings for front porch sitting (ha! this morning we had wet non-sticking snow falling). But I look forward to summer mornings up at the cabin drinking coffee. So so so much.

  2. Wow! What beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing! DBL told me about your blog. Like it, Lisa S.

    1. Hi Lisa! Thanks for the kind words. It was so good to meet you a few weeks ago. Hope you're having a good spring!