Thursday, May 10, 2012

An Agreeable Moth

Hanging on a friend's white door the other day was this intriguing moth.

It was agreeable to handling and let me photograph it before transferring it to a protected area of the porch.

A bit of research turns up that it truly was an Agreeable Tiger Moth. Yep. That's the actual common name of it. Or at least I'm 99% sure this is an Agreeable Tiger Moth. There are three very similar moths (Virginian Tiger Moth and Pink-legged Tiger Moth being the other two). Please offer comments on the ID...

I must remember to start photographing the abdomen of moths to assist with ID'ing. The agreeable has an orange wash at the base of its forelegs and there's a bit of that showing on the close-ups of this moth (whereas the Virginian doesn't have the orange marking).

Here's a pretty cool head-on photo of an Agreeable Tiger Moth.

While the moth appears to be pretty widespread in the Eastern U.S., I couldn't find much information about this moth online. Will have to pick up the new Peterson Guide to Moths, co-authored by Seabrooke Leckie (@seabrookeleckie)!

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