Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Swan Story

Today I had the good fortune to join Leslie, one of our WRC vets, as she and others released Swan03 back to the wild.  The injured swan had been spotted on a lake in Crex Meadows (Wis.) and rescued by a dedicated group of trained swan volunteers.  The initial photo of the swan during the rescue is a startling image - note the bloodied wing resulting from a gunshot injury.

Leslie's going to post on WRC's blog, The Pulse, and it's really her story to tell - I'm just happy to have been a tiny part of it.  I'll provide a link to that post when she's finished on Thursday.  It'll include a video of the swan flying off to join its mate.

Here's a photo of the swan being rebanded on its leg and neck (new #s) at today's release. 


A big "thank-you" to Mary Wicklund and everyone who helped save the swan's life and congratulations to Vet Leslie for a successful release!

While at Crex today, I also enjoyed seeing nearly 1,000 Sandhill Cranes, dozens of waterfowl, a juvenile Bald Eagle and even a slow-moving porcupine that climbed a nearby tree.  What a perfect way to spend a gorgeous fall afternoon.

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  1. This is great Tami! I'm excited to see what adventures you get into.