Monday, November 22, 2010

Blah, Blah, Blah. Or I Guess It'd Be Blog, Blog, Blog.

Hmmm... faced some interesting challenges in the past week and a half. Thankfully, not many readers yet since I'm still in my "newbie" stage, but questions that hit hard recently are:
- how do you write when you're working 74 hrs. in ONE week?
- those tiny bits of nature that all add up to make a great day, don't necessarily make a great blog (although the woodpecker escaping death literally from the talons of a Sharp-shinned on the ground was REALLY cool)

Thankfully, frantic work schedules have come to an end (well, nearly) and we're hoping to head to our Northwoods retreat this week. There's more than a foot of snow up there w/more predicted for the holiday weekend! Good thing we're purchasing a new plow truck.

This photo was taken not far from our place on one of my favorite lakes last Thanksgiving. Doesn't sound like the lakes are frozen yet this year...

Ahhhh... nothing better than the stark beauty of a northern winter.

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