Thursday, November 11, 2010

I keep staring at it.  It just sits there innocently, but my brain knows it shouldn't be sitting here.  I didn't earn it (yet). I came close this fall, but work interfered.

It's a swan neckband given to me by Mary Wicklund who volunteers out of the Grantsburg, Wis., area in everything from banding swans and cygnets, to rescuing injured birds and transporting them to WRC.

At Tuesday's swan release, Leslie was given Swan03A's old band.  A significant reminder of her first wild swan release. 

Mary had an old swan band in her car and tossed it over to me.  To be certain, a gracious gift, but one that seems unearned.  What did I do to deserve this?

My brain has rationalized it though (after 24 hours): It serves as a motivator to really get to Mary's swan banding sessions next year.  So, it has served a purpose (I can rationalize nearly anything if given time...) and I can now keep it on my desk without guilt.

There.  The 1st "to-do" list item resulting from this blog.  And now when I look at the band it makes me smile and think of next summer's banding activities.

BTW: here's Leslie's swan post with a video of the release.

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