Monday, November 12, 2012

First Snow of Season

I awoke this morning to fluffy white flakes drifting by my bedroom window. Overall, maybe 1-2" of snow cover on the ground. Just enough to make it pretty outside.

Took a break from work this afternoon to enjoy the birds in snow. We have a couple White-throated Sparrows still hanging around. This one was tucked back in one of our brush piles  - could just barely see it through all the tall grass.

Juncos are plentiful and this one was munching away on seed heads from a wild aster right outside our living room window:

Throughout our acreage we leave several brush piles for the birds to use. They provide cover and roosting spots for the birds and are always busy places:

This junco has quite a bit of reddish brown on it. I got a better look while it took the time to scratch and preen:

So glad snow is here!


  1. I also posted a sparrow today. I like to see all that I can learn from sparrows, as they are not easy to identify. The first one has a very nice effect of foreground bokeh.

  2. Awesome capture of that Junco preening!

  3. Isn't the first snow of the year simply lovely? Thanks for sharing yours.

  4. I have got the same burds..but not such lively photos! I especially like the Junco w/ the light in it's eye! Well dobe!

  5. Hello, just blog hopping and found yours. I love your birds and photos. Great post!r

    1. Thanks much, Eileen. I just visited your blog - it's beautiful! Looking forward to following you.