Thursday, August 9, 2012

Christmas in August: A New Lens

Having a new lens is like getting a Christmas present. That you've always wanted. Like forever and ever.

So of course, on the way home last night I pulled it out of the box and waited for a bird to grace a local field. Any bird. Would've been happy with a cowbird I was so excited to try my new toy.

But lo and behold, this juvenile Eastern Meadowlark kindly cooperated. Which was super cool, having not had the opportunity before to watch them in the wild while they're learning to hunt. (and no, those photos did not turn out, just giant blurs)

I'm pretty happy with the results, especially since I literally pulled it out of the box, mounted it and snapped away. Looking forward to working with it more and learning how to use it better. Three cheers for Christmas in August!


  1. Getting a new lens (or camera) is Christmas in August or whatever month it arrives)!

    Big congrats!

  2. Love the Lark..and a new lens is a Lark!