Thursday, June 21, 2012

Juvenile Hairy Claims Suet Log

It's been fun to watch the Donwys and Hairys learn to use our suet logs. They've been coming to the feeders for about 8 days now and in the last couple they've started to defend their territory on the feeders.

Wonder what switch gets thrown in their heads to go from all piling onto the suet log together to defending it against any other bird that comes to it, including this innocent White-breasted nuthatch.

(the nuthatch flew off before the Hairy had to spread its wings)


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Robert. They've been entertaining to watch!

  2. Love this nuthatch. Wish he came this far north. I've never seen one. We had a small hawk about twenty minutes ago perched on the handle of the shovel sticking out of our wheelbarrow by the garden and he chased the birds away. We also haven't seen our huge raven Jacques for a few days now. But that might be a mixed blessing because the fox wasn't hunting chipmunks with him hanging around. However, we had a garter snake escaping into the garage when it was raining. Turns out he likes the rubber seal on the bottom of the door and slips in through a hole. When we raise the door he pokes his head out to see what's going on. I think he might be the reason we have to go to Duluth for mice because the trap we keep setting is always empty. Annoying.