Monday, February 13, 2012

Northern Flicker and Downy

I always forget how large Northern Flickers are (wingspan of 17-20") until I see them with other birds. Here's a yellow-shafted one with a male Downy Woodpecker.

While we have flickers around our yard in the summer, I tend to think of them more as a winter visitor. For the past four or five years we've had a pair in the yard all winter, using the heated baths and coming to our suet feeders. During the summer, natural food and water sources are abundant so we don't see them daily like we do in the winter. Maybe it's the same pair, just forced closer to the house due to diminished food supplies...

Fun fact: Flickers are the only ground-feeding woodpecker in North America!


  1. Super shot! Cool to see the size difference.

  2. Hi Cabin Girl,
    Nice shot! Say, I'd love to see a Flicker in March, then I will have seen one in all 12 months in Minnesota. If it is still hanging around your yard, can I have permission to visit your feeder? That would be awesome. Please respond to Thanks!